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Dr. Mohinder Suresh

Geneticist. Lover. Glitter Enthusiast.

Mohinder Suresh
8 April
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About me;

Exploring the natural phenomena that currently plagues our world as both a blessing and a curse is my passion. I always lend a helping hand, unable to watch those around me suffer. Respect is an important thing, especially in the field of genetics, and I intend on maintaining it.

I'm also sort of goofy sometimes.

Current Verses;

The Ceiling - Heroes RP with beastlyinsides

The One Without Chandra - Heroes RP with graylikeme

Paging Dr. Thredson - Heroes x American Horror Story RP with thredson_md

[Not Mohinder Suresh, not Sendhil Ramamurthy, and I do not own the Character.]

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