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Mohinder's Canon, Current Verses and Wanted Verses!


I prefer to have storylines with Mohinder take place after "Powerless", but if any plots require his super strength/bug and coccoon follies, I would not be opposed! For the sake of following the show, however, I tend to say he has super strength and is living in New York when I'm just commenting or chatting IC.

Current Verses (updated as of September, 2012)

The Ceiling - Heroes RP with beastlyinsides in which Mohinder was trapped in Sylar's head during what would have been "The Wall" on Heroes. Currently Mohinder and Sylar are helping Noah Bennet and Peter Petrelli run The Company together.

The One Without Chandra - Heroes RP with graylikeme in which Mohinder went to study Gabriel, and Chandra never did. Currently they are sort-of-Company-prisoners as Gabriel has been put into therapy for a murder.

Paging Dr. Thredson - Heroes x American Horror Story RP with thredson_md in which Mohinder was mistakenly flung back in time and thrust into an another universe, where he confuses Dr. Thredson for Sylar.

Wanted Verses

All of my desired verses are filled at the moment, but I'm still open for just about anything! Drop me a message or comment  :)
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