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A Case Study on Annie

-Transcribed from voice recorder-
September 18th, 2010
10:49 AM

Recently, my friend Annie has been experiencing odd headaches and bouts of dizziness which brought her to the hospital for observation. The Doctors enacted some basic tests that included a brain scan to search for any abnormalities and to rule out something more serious such as a tumor or clot. What they saw in Annie's scans was certainly enough to baffle the average doctor; an intangible mass that resembled a pocket of energy hovering within Annie's right temporal lobe and cerebellum. Frightened, and rightfully so, Annie came to me for help. Her Doctors were unsure of how to handle this ethereal mass having not seen something like it before, and Annie noted that they made her feel uncomfortable, as if she would become nothing more than an abnormal test subject to them. On the notion that this could potentially be something in the realm of abilities and could possibly fall into the wrong hands, I decided to take the materials she had shown me, bring them home so that I could examine them closely, privately, and put her mind at ease. My findings and conclusions are remarkable and, in my opinion, Annie represents a minority which falls within a theoretical category that I have been hypothesizing about for a little over a year now.

Exhibit A is a side-view of Annie's brain, and within the red circle you can clearly note the substance in question. It appears to be stationary over or within her Primary Somatic Sensory Cortex, Somatic Sensory Association Cortex, and Visual Association Cortex. This obstruction very clearly would have a noticeable impact on her vision and would, undoubtedly, be the cause of Annie's headaches and vertigo. But without the typical qualities of a mass like a tumor or flow of blood, what could it be?

When I examined several vertical scans of Annie's brain in sequence, I noticed that the obstruction changed in size, shape, and position throughout the scans. I've put them into animation form for easier understanding; Exhibit B.

Note, these scans are only a matter of seconds apart, and it is highly unnatural for any sort of abnormality to move within the brain's structure so quickly, suggesting something that is not viscous. We can rule out hemoglobin due to the lack of clotting or tearing in her brain matter, and because there is no central, clear point from where this obstruction is originating. Although it hovers on the right side of her brain, it remains in the same area as it changes shape.

Which leads me to what is undoubtedly my greatest finding to date. In my previous studies on the topic of 'special' people with 'superhuman capabilities', I have been able to conclude that special powers originate within the brain from a sequence of genetic mutations. Depending on what ability a person may have, different sections of their brain would be effected. For example, someone with hightened hearing would see a surplus of activity within the Auditory Association Cortex of their Cerebral Lobe. However, having personally partaken in studies of persons with powers and had the chance to view brain scans, nothing of this nature is apparent in those who have maintained an ability for several years. Once the ability has manifested and a person's genetic code has been altered, we simply see quick, illuminated flashes of the nerves responsible for transmitting the ability throughout a person's body.

It is in my opinion that what we have seen in Annie's brain is not the dormant retention of an ability which she has already possessed for a length of time, rather, it is the formation and creation of a power. Due to the early onset of abilities which usually take place during youth or young adulthood, we've not yet been able to document the manifestation of a superhuman ability in such a manner. This is proof that, to my best hypothesized yet educated postulation, the simultaneous fluctuations within Annie's brain are compensations for alterations taking place to her DNA.

What could have caused this sudden onset of genetic mutation? I can only theorize one possibility. In her daily life, Annie is undoubtedly surrounded by people with special abilities who frequently utilize their powers. In my studies, I have been able to successfully gauge extremely acute amounts of radioactivity which occur during use of more dangerous abilities, such as pyrokinesis and telekinesis. While not harmful if received in small doses, there is an incredibly minute chance of this radiation passing through one's body and altering the DNA sequence of their genetic code.

An acquired, or somatic, mutation occurs when an effected individual cell copies itself during cell division. In Annie's case, I believe that radiation from exposure to abilities correctly hit what we call a 'hot spot' which gave her an over-exposure and definite mutation. The mutation is occurring rather quickly, considering she likely has not been exposed to this much abnormal activity her entire life. I'm unsure as to how long it will take for her ability to manifest, because I have not been able to thoroughly document a manifestation. Though, based on the rapid movement and progression of the mass pictured in her brain scans, I can theorize that it won't be long before Annie finds herself with an ability.

The implications of what this could mean for mankind are terrifying. If I'm correct, abilities can spread from one human being to another, as if they were a rare virus.
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